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Avaya Curly Cord – 1600/1400/9600 Series

£7.00 (ex VAT)
Replacement curly cord for Avaya digital & IP phone. For use with: 1403, 1408, 1603, 1608i, 1616i and 9608G

Avaya 1408 / 1608i Wallmount Kit

£12.50 (ex VAT)
Wall mount kit for 1408 or 1608i Avaya phones.

Avaya 1416 / 1616i Wallmount Kit

£15.00 (ex VAT)
Wall mount kit for 1416 or 1616i Avaya phones.

Avaya B100 Series Power Adapter

£65.00 (ex VAT)
The Avaya B100 PSU is a spare Power Supply Unit for the Avaya B100 Series of conference phones.

Avaya B100 Expansion Microphones

£145.00 (ex VAT)
The Avaya B100 Expansion Microphones are used to expand your microphone coverage in larger conference rooms. Compatible with Avaya’s B100 Series: B149, B159, B169, B179, and B189.

Avaya PoE Y Adapter

£17.50 (ex VAT)
Avaya Y adapter for use with a Power over Ethernet injector.

Avaya 1400 Series 32 Key Expansion

£80.00 (ex VAT)
The Avaya DMB32 Button Module provides 32 additional programmable line and feature keys for your Avaya 1416 handset.